Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Night Before

It is after 9:30 pm and I should be packing, but instead I feel paralyzed. Since we are not leaving in the wee hours of the morning I might just put it off until then. My grandmother who has taken a comfortable place in my conscience since she died is whispering: "Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today, is what lazy people say." Except she is whispering this in German.

Driving in a car is not one of my favorite experiences in life. I don't get to sleep in the car because I have to make sure the guys are driving the right speed limit, taking the correct turns, watch out for cars coming at us at intersections. It is not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

I will try to take lots of pictures but imagine I will not get to upload them until we arrive in Boulder. So patience please.

We are lucky to have a hand-me-down cell phone with a car charger. Knowing nothing about these newfangled things we tried it out today in the car. We have no actual number, just the phone. So all we get to dial is 911. The first thing Stephen assured the operator was that this is not an emergency. That we will be driving through the desert and want to make sure this will work if needed. Of course, will we get reception? Or does 911 work without reception? I am not going to try calling them again to find out, we'll just have to take our chances.

I have all the essentials in piles: the cookies, the kale chips, the crackers, the tofu salad, the muhammara, the truffle ingredients, the tomatoes from the garden, my bowling ball.... Bowling ball you wonder? Yes, free bowling in Denver for us! Liana works at Lucky Strikes and assures me I can bowl until my back gives out without paying a penny. One of those perks having a daughter work at a bowling alley.

Better get some sleep. Will post when I get another chance.


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  1. So jealous at the unlimited Bowling!!! Keep safe on the road, and enjoy every minute.